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  1. To whom it may concern

    We (Salamaco) a wholesaler&retailer in Egypt, currently willing to expand more in our local market, and seeking a serious supplier of commodity halal beef, we are strictly interested in the following products :
    1.Beef Forequarter cuts
    2.Beef hindquarter cuts
    3.Beef offal(heart, kidney, liver)
    4.Beef trimming

    all the above items should be tagged “Halal” by one of India’s “halal” certifying and inspection bodies/entities, such entities must have the Egyptian authorities recognition and the issuing permission of “HALAL” certificates to red meat and red meat products exports to Egypt
    it will be appreciated if you kindly provided us with the following information :
    1. “detailed ” price quotation for the items indicated above.
    2. your Pricing criteria (i.e.the availability of Quantity discount offers if there any ?!).
    3. packaging
    4.logistics detailing (shipping system adopted “CIF, FOB, EXW….etc “).
    5. payment terms &methods.
    we can receive your(catalogs and price list ) to our Email
    Email: mupsco11@gmail.com
    thank you and best regards.

  2. Hello good morning Sir
    I am interested in your buffalo meat.
    I need frozen buffalo trimming about 140 tonn.
    Please write your prices.
    Port is Turkmenistan, city Mary.

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